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Rumor: Bill Stewart's Wife Leaked Damaging Holgorsen Information to Local Reporter

A West Virginia site is reporting that there is complete staff disarray at West Virginia because Bill Stewart's wife leaked damaging information to a local beat reporter. Take it for what it's worth.

Note: Now that is back up and running, I've removed the block quotation. 

Disclaimer: It's important for all readers to remember that the blogger in question does not cite any sources, even anonymous ones, with any direct knowledge. The story could turn out to be true, but, as has been said many times on Twitter tonight in particular, that doesn't justify throwing up a completely unsubstantiated rumor and confessing at the end that you're content to gamble that it is right. We're confident that Big East Coast Bias and other SBNation outlets will come forth with more substantial stories that has been properly vetted in the very near future.