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Kemba Walker, Marshon Brooks, Jimmy Butler Taken in Latest NBA Mock Draft

In the latest SB Nation NBA Mock Draft, UConn guard Kemba Walker, Providence guard Marshon Brooks, and Marquette forward Jimmy Butler were taken fifth, 23rd and 27th respectively.

The #1 pick for Cleveland was Duke's Kyrie Irving.

Kemba Walker was selected by the Toronto Raptors.

Marshon Brooks went to the Houston Rockets.

Jimmy Butler was taken by the New Jersey Nets.

It would be nice to see Walker as a top five pick. But, as Tom Ziller notes in the story, the Raptors might be interested in Congolese forward/center Bismack Biyombo. If Raptors take Biyombo that could swap Walker's selection down to eight with the Detroit Pistons (the team which selected Biyombo in this mock draft).

Ziller states that he doesn't see Marshon Brooks actually being taken by Houston but also that Brooks shouldn't go lower than around the 23rd pick.

About the Jimmy Butler pick, Ziller says 

Watch The Prokhorov make some extraordinary splash on draft day, just because.

The actual NBA Draft is just one day away. SB Nation will have one more mock draft on Thursday before the event starts.

Make sure you check out the NBA Draft hub to keep up on all the latest trade rumors and speculation about who is going where in the NBA Draft. Here at BECB, we'll let you know where the guys from the Big East end up.