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Bill Stewart Out at West Virginia for "Conduct Detrimental to the University"

Dave Hickman of the "98% hooey" fame from earlier in the week is now reporting that Bill Stewart is officially out as head coach of the West Virginia football team effective immediately. It appears that some form of buyout was agreed upon and now Holgorsen will assume the reins of the program right away. He will also receive a prorated amount of his schedule head salary for 2012 beginning this year. 

While the separation with Stewart will likely have a conciliatory tone in the official press releases or in future press conferences, Matt Hayes of the Sporting News reported the most interesting aspect of the termination:


Stewart: Fired for "conduct detrimental to the university."less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


This would at least hint that the school felt it had credible evidence to suggest that the swirling reports of Stewart fabricating stories or perhaps trying to dig up real ones on Holgorsen are in fact true. This also seems to indicate that the school is firing Stewart with cause and trying to avoid paying him any buyout at all. Either way, it puts a sad end to a bizarre arrangement that many have never been able to grasp how it was ever conceived of, much less agreed upon. 

I'm convinced that Holgorsen is going to be be extremely successful as the head coach in Morgantown and will have a legitimate shot at running the table this season if the Mountaineers can somehow upset LSU (a tall order, I know). Holgorsen is expected to add Shannon Dawson, a coach he word with previously to be the team's offensive coordinator while he will retain the play-calling duties. Anyone excited about Holgorsen vs. Gary Patterson next year?