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Audio: Louisville President Discusses Big East Expansion, Future

University of Louisville President Dr. James Ramsey went on a local radio show this morning and discussed the future of the Big East, Villanova, and conference expansion. His remarks begin around the 7:58 mark of the audio. Of note, Dr. Ramsey says:

  • Villanova is still working through its decision to move up to FBS
  • The Big East needs to strengthen its television contract with football in particular.
  • The Big East is definitely looking for a tenth member and would even like to see, possibly, the league get to twelve football teams and host a championship game. 
  • It is clear to Ramsey that the main factor in adding value to the TV contract is additional football playing members.
  • The Presidents are all very excited about the value that TCU will add to the league overall both in terms of football and in access to the Dallas television market.

Louisville President Ramsey Discussing Big East Expansion