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Dana Holgorsen Tossed From Casino, But Not From Our Hearts

We here at Big East Coast Bias are shamelessly in love with Dana Holgorsen. We love his wit, we love his offense, and we love his eccentricities. That being the case, we're not the least bit surprised to read that the West Virginia head coach in waiting was tossed from a Nitro, WV casino last week. Holgorsen does not appear to have been arrested or detained, but the events were bad enough that athletic director Oliver Luck had to leave the Big East meetings in Ponte Verda, FL today to meet with Holgorsen about the incident. Frankly, who hasn't sat at a blackjack table half drunk and worn through a completely unfair shoe, then punched a dealer and gotten tossed? (we have no idea what happened, and we've never had that happen to us...just saying...) This only makes us love coach even more.