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Big East Coast Bias Calls Lindy's Sports

Lindy's Sports puts out magazines that, among other things, preview college football conferences. When you observe the available conference magazines for purchase on the Lindy's website you fill find the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, the Mountain West, the Pac-12 and of course, the SEC. There is also a national magazine for those other unfortunate conferences that don't get their own magazine. What's that you say? You think they missed a BCS conference called the Big East? They sure did.

Big East Coast Bias wanted to get to the bottom of this slight so I called the magazine this morning. The following transcript was cobbled together from notes. The quote that really matters, however, is verbatim and in bold for emphasis.

Lindy's (female voice): Hello, Lindy's magazine.

Pat: Yes, hello. I run a Big East website. I noticed you have magazines for the ACC and Big Ten and even the Mountain West. I was wondering if you have a Big East preview magazine.

Lindy's: No we don't.

Pat: Well, is there any reason why you don't publish a Big East magazine?

Lindy's: Um, I don't know. Let me get one of the boys.

Lindy's hold music:

Lindy's hold music continued:


Lindy's (same female voice): Hello, sorry to keep you holding so long. "They used to do a Big East magazine but they didn't make any money."

Pat: Oh....Are there any plans on doing a Big East magazine once TCU joins the conference next year? Or, when the conference expands beyond nine teams?

Lindy's: I don't know. The person who would is out of town. I don't think the owner even knows about the plans for next year yet.

Pat; Do you think I could get that person's contact information and call back?

Lindy's: You could maybe leave a voice mail and they could call you back. The owner doesn't really take phone calls.

Pat: I see.

Lindy's: He's just so focused on this year's magazine that it's hard to say something about the future.

Pat: I certainly understand that.

Lindy's: Are you calling from one of the schools?

Pat: No. I run a Big East website. We cover all of the teams. Will the national magazine have a run down of all eight of the current members?

Lindy's: Yes, it will. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Pat: It's ok. You've been a big help actually. Thank you for your time.

Lindy's: Thank you. You have a good day.

Pat: Thanks, you too. /click

There you have it. No Big East magazine because it didn't make any money. Lindy's did have former Rutgers quarterback Tom Savage on the cover of a 2010 preview magazine with the words: Scarlet Expectations: Knights Want Big East Title. However, we also know that Tyrod Taylor was on a different 2010 Lindy's preview cover.

Do you buy any of the Lindy's magazines? Would you purchase a Big East preview magazine if one was available?