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NCAA Football 12: The New Big East

Yes, I know the new college football video game hasn't been released yet. However, the excitement level went through the roof whenever I found out about a new feature: customizable conferences. We're talking really customizable here. You can change the number of teams in a conference, not just swap out the teams in a conference like last year's model of the game.

You want to one-up John Marinatto and turn the Big East into something better? I know I do. I'm thinking I'd make the expansion go immediately to 12 teams for the 2011 season because I'm impatient. The only caveat is that the teams must be in the Eastern Time Zone. So who is going to make up the new Big East?

Big East North Big East South
Louisville Florida
Ohio State Florida State
Penn State Georgia
Pittsburgh South Carolina
Virginia Tech South Florida
West Virginia Tennessee

There you have it, a new Big East for football and it would still make sense to call it the Big East. We're dying to hear who you'd have in the conference if you had free reign to change it so go ahead and give us your Big East in the comments. You can also tell us what custom conferences you plan on creating when the game comes out.