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Big East Leads BCS Conferences in APR Recognized Programs

The Big East was the nation's top academic BCS conference and third overall only behind the Ivy League and the Patriot League. The Big East had 77 programs recognized for high academic performance compared to the Ivy's 135 and the Patriot League's 82. The next BCS conference after the Big East was the ACC with 61 programs recognized. The list of all the APR scores will be released on May 24.

The following Big East basketball and football teams got the NCAA Academic Public Recognition Award for ranking in the top ten percent of all programs in their sport:

Cincinnati Basketball

DePaul Basketball

Notre Dame Basketball

Pittsburgh Basketball

West Virginia Basketball

Rutgers Football

DePaul and West Virginia have now made the top 10 percent list two years running. Notre Dame has been a top ten percent program for four years in a row.

Rutgers football was ranked in the top 10 percent (only achieved by 14 schools in 2010) for the fourth straight year which is an accomplishment with a high degree of difficulty. It also means that the Scarlet Knights have to pass on recruiting guys who are too close to not making grades.

Congrats to all the Big East programs which made the list!