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Holgorsen's Offense Erupts in West Virginia Spring Game

We fully confess our undying love for Dana Holgorsen, his mullet, and most importantly his offense. If you look at the box score for the Mountaineers' annual Gold-Blue Game, you'll understand why. The Gold outscored the Blue 83-17 in spring game that utilized a hybrid scoring system where both teams got points for more than touchdowns and field goals.

The statistics from Friday night's game are astounding. The Mountaineers, in their first spring session under Holgorsen's offensive tutelage, racked up 838 total yards, 638 of those yards coming through the air. Quarterback Geno Smithshowed that he will not struggle to manage a pass-friendly offense, finishing 26 of 37 for 388 yards. Watch the love of our life, Romeo Holgorsen, break down the spring game.