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Benjamin Ijalana Taken by the Indianapolis Colts With the 49th Pick in the Second Round of the 2011 NFL Draft

The message from the Indianapolis Colts is pretty clear: Peyton Manning needs new bodies on the offensive line. In the first round, the Colts picked Boston College offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo. In the second round, the pick was Villanova's offensive lineman Benjamin Ijalana. Does this mean that the Big East is claiming a Villanova player. I don't know, but I do know that BECB sure the hell is claiming Ijalana as our own. We are rapidly expanding the Big East through this Draft to already include TCU (Cincinnati picked Andy Dalton) and Nova (obviously this Ijalana selection). In a few years, no one will be the wiser. TCU is in the Big East, TCU has always been in the Big East (Repeat five times).

Ijalana must have been really desired by the Colts as they traded up to pick him.

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2011 NFL Draft Big East Selection Counter: Two (Or Four, let's just say four)