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Big East Linkage: April 22


Big East Linkage is a news roundup feature on BECB. Feel free to send us any relevant links, stories or posts you think might be interesting to readers at bigeastcoastbias at gmail dot com. 

Never Graduate...oh wait: Graduation rates...they are important, it turns out. If Jim Calhoun's UConn squad fails to meet the NCAA standard for APR, Calhoun would have to give back his bonus for winning the National Championship.

Not done with you yet UConn: SportsBizMiss tells us that USF, UConn and Rutgers all depend heavily on student fees to run their athletic departments.  USF is the worst among those three Big East schools as student fees make up 33.24% of athletic department revenue.

Still not done with the Huskies: Sophomore forward Jamal Coombs-McDaniel was arrested for marijuana possession on the UConn campus yesterday. He had 5.6 grams of marijuana and also had paraphernalia on his person: marijuana grinder and cigars.

Hungry for more Expansion Talk and Media Deal Talk?: Voodoo Five has you covered with a roundup of all the latest on these important Big East issues.

Welcome to the Big East: Adrian Autrey has joined Syracuse as the assistant coach of men's basketball. We're terribly sorry about that Dayton (not really).

Derby Classic is Tonight: When you look over the rosters, this will be an event where one can see the top prep basketball talent headed to Louisville. Ok, Seton Hall and St. John's also have a player apiece represented. Our man Mark Ennis will be at the KFC Yum! Center tonight at 7 p.m. to cover all of the action.

Would you hurry up and get in the conference already? (TCU News): Andy Dalton totally can't play NFL football because he has red hair