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The Real Story of Jamine Peterson's Exit from Providence

Ryan Feldman of the Hoops Report has published a story on Providence basketball player Jamine Peterson and his decision to leave the Friars and pursue professional basketball. The details are rather unseemly. In the story, Peterson claims that he decided to leave Providence rather than face disciplinary action over his participation in arranging oral sex for recruits.

From the story:

Peterson claims that the Providence coaches "would tell us to have a good time but be careful and stay out of trouble. They knew we were going to show him some love with a female."

That's exactly what Peterson did. He called a female who the Providence players called numerous times to perform oral sex on recruits. According to Peterson, "She always says that's her hobby. That's what she likes to do. She wants to be a porn star."

How many recruits does Peterson recall her performing oral sex on? "Let's just say she's in double figures."

Peterson further claims to have been singled out for disciplinary action and made an example of for all of the athletic department. In addition to under-performing on the court, off the court incidents like this and the general sense that the basketball program was out of control all contributed to former head coach Keno Davis' dismissal in March.