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Big East Expansion Update: 5 Schools Reportedly To Be Added Wed., Temple An Option If Air Force Balks?

As we told you about yesterday, the Big East is 'very close' to adding Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, Central Florida and SMU to the conference. They will join the conference in 2013. It was only speculation yesterday that these schools would be added this week. Now, CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy is reporting that the five schools will be added on Wednesday. Boise State and San Diego State would join the conference as football only members. The other three schools would be full members.

Air Force has not yet made a decision but is expected to join with Navy later. However, if Air Force decides not to join in January, that throws a wrench in the plans of the Big East to expand to 12 teams in football and add a conference championship game. If Air Force is out, the Big East may turn to former Big East member Temple.

Stay tuned to Big East Coast Bias for additional news on expansion by checking our Big East Expansion section and if things turn south, well check out the Big East Falls Apart section, too.