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Big East And West Virginia File Supplements To Support Their Legal Positions

On Dec. 21 the Big East and West Virginia filed supplements to support their legal position in Rhode Island Superior Court. Judge Michael Silverstein had asked both sides to file the supplements.

West Virginia would like the Big East's action in Rhode Island to be dismissed. In their supplement (read it here), West Virginia reiterated their argument that the appropriate court to hear the matter is in West Virginia, not Rhode Island. The school also argues that the injunctive relief the Big East is seeking can be properly heard in a West Virginia court.

In their supplement (read it here), the Big East, obviously, argues that West Virginia's motion to dismiss should be thrown out. The Big East took issue with West Virginia's "first to file" claim basically on two accounts, a) it is not to be seen as an absolute or an exclusive basis on which to rule; b) West Virginia filed first in anticipation of a Big East suit. Besides asking the court to deny West Virginia's motion to dismiss, the conference is seeking injunctive relief or at least

"to bifurcate the request for injunctive relief and set it for an expeditious hearing on the merits."

Silverstein said he would rule on West Virginia's motion within 10 days of the original hearing (Dec. 16).

For more coverage West Virginia's legal battle to leave the Big East early, stay tuned to our Big East Falls Apart section.