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Tucson Television Station KVOA Gives Todd Graham A Less Than Enthusiastic Evaluation

Unlike the typical pep rally reporting around new coaching hires, television station KVOA in Tucson was downright critical of new Arizona State head coach Todd Graham. The report below refers to him as "unable to sit still" and says that his career track is one thing that has been "high octane", noting that he's on his fourth job in six years. Interestingly, the report also goes back and references his promotional videos at Pitt and early interviews where he said virtually the same thing to Pittsburgh reporters that he said to reporters in Tempe yesterday when introduced by Arizona State athletic director Lisa Love.

To this point, no reporter has been willing to ask Graham why he didn't have time to simply face his players and tell them he'd made a decision to leave, at least this report was willing to portray Graham as neither the worst person in the world, but certainly as one with some questions to answer before Arizona State fans embrace him. You can view the report here or watch the video below.