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Bracketology - Eight Big East Teams In Initial Projections

ESPN's Joe Lunardi has his initial bracketology up and while it is easy to laugh at the thought of projecting the tournament field without anyone having played a single conference game, it's worth looking at for no other reason than it gives an indication of where teams at the tail end of non-conference play. Obviously there are some surprises (Seton Hall in the field!), and some that look exactly as you would expect (Syracuse the number one overall seed). Overall, there are eight Big East teams in his projected field.

It's interesting to note the rise and fall of Marquette and Cincinnati considering both were considered fringe top 25 teams coming into the season. Cincinnati lost to Presbyterian at full strength and then has suffered the indignity of the brawl with Xavier. Conversely, Marquette has been quite impressive, climbing into the top 15 quickly and is a #2 seed in Lunardi's first projection below. Connecticut, in the top five in most preseason polls is a #3 seed. Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Georgetown also make the field according to Lunardi. You can view the full Bracketology here.