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Report: Todd Graham Leaving Pittsburgh For Arizona State

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Pittsburgh football players started tweeting their disappointment without much clarity as to what they were upset about. Shortly after noon reports began to surface that explained their anger. First year Pittsburgh head coach Todd Graham is leaving Pittsburgh to become the head coach at Arizona State. The Pitt Script blog, a Pittsburgh blog in the Bloguin network and longtime friend of Big East Coast Bias is already hearing the same story concerning Graham.

Graham was hired after the surprising hiring and subsequent termination of Mike Haywood last year. After a disappointing 6-6 season, Graham also lost much of his offensive staff to Rich Rodriguez, now at Arizona. Graham had assembled a pretty good recruiting class at Pittsburgh for the class of 2012 and seemed well-positioned to have Pittsburgh a competitive program once it moved into the ACC in the 2014 season. Panther Lair, the Pittsburgh site, is now also reporting that Graham has taken the Arizona State job. This would be Graham's 4th head coaching position in six seasons.