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SB Nation Big East Bowl Projections

Bearcats back to the BCS?
Bearcats back to the BCS?

Bill Connelly has used his advanced statistics to come up with bowl projections at the mother ship. We give you the BCS highlights:

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin 11-2 vs. Oregon 11-2
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma 11-1 vs. Boise State 12-0

Sugar Bowl: LSU 11-1 vs. Oklahoma State 11-1
Orange Bowl: Clemson 11-2 vs. Cincinnati 11-1
BCS Title: Alabama 13-0 vs. Stanford 13-0

Now as for the Big East bowl projections (Notre Dame stole the Champs Sports bid, it happens):

The BCS bid went to Cincy as you see above.

Pinstripe Bowl: West Virginia 8-4 vs. Temple 8-4

Belk Bowl: South Florida 8-4 vs. North Carolina 8-4

Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl: Rutgers 6-6 vs. UCF 7-5

Compass Bowl: Connecticut 6-6 vs. Tennessee 6-6

Sitting at home: Louisville, Pittsburgh, Syracuse

Bill didn't give projections for the scores of the games besides the BCS National Championship (28-13 Bama). The good news for the future of the conference is that all of the schools reportedly invited to join the Big East (except for Navy) are projected to make a bowl game.

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