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Reported Big East Invites: Air Force, Boise State, Houston, Navy, SMU, UCF

As you might have read earlier, the Big East met today and unanimously voted to formally invite new members. That list of schools was not divulged by commissioner John Marinatto, but the reported schools are Air Force, Boise State, Houston, Navy, SMU and UCF. Air Force, Boise State and Navy are of course going to be getting football only invites. The other three schools would receive all sports invites.

I know you can count and that you know that the Big East needs seven invites to get to 12 football teams with West Virginia leaving for the Big XII. The conference is going to revisit a possible seventh team later. On that front, I think the schools to be chosen from will come down to BYU or Temple. In any event, Marinatto reiterated that the Big East intends to hold on to Pittsburgh, Syracuse and West Virginia for 27 months.

The timetable for the invites (and expected acceptance from these six schools) is about a week or so. Boise State did not confirm an invite but the Idaho State Board of Education will dedicate part of their meeting to an "Athletic Conference Discussion" on Thursday.