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Boise State Is the Latest Big East Expansion Target

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It took long enough, but we finally have the rumor that people have been waiting on: Boise State is the latest expansion target. According to a Big East official who wanted to remain anonymous the Big East is working on a plan to bring Air Force, Navy and Boise State into the Big East as football only members.

Early this morning, we posted the report that the Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh said that football is looking at joining the Big East and that the other sports would head to the Missouri Valley Conference. Mueh would not go as far as to say that it was an all or nothing deal with the service academies joining the Big East. Army is very reluctant to join a conference given their troubles during their Conference USA stint. Under this plan, Army wouldn't need to join the league, but Boise State would need to find a new home for their other sports. One place they could send their other sports is the WAC, the conference they just left to join the Mountain West.

Does adding Air Force, Navy and Boise State make you happy if you are one of the remaining six football members? The Big East is scheduled to have another conference call tomorrow. However, no invites are expected to come out of that meeting while the exit fee will be talked about. How about raising it to $10 million (that's on the agenda)?