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Big East to Extend Invites to Central Florida and East Carolina?

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Don't try to leave the conference just yet. Here are two of those "BCS caliber" additions Big East commissioner John Marinatto mentioned: Central Florida and East Carolina. Yes, that's right. "Big East officials are moving quickly to try to shore up its remaining football schools" by inviting those two Conference USA schools.

As you might have noticed, Louisville appears to be the Big XII's next target as there is some hangups with the BYU invite. However, the Cardinals and the Big XII are waiting on Missouri. That means there is technically a window for the Big East to be proactive for once. That might be the hardest part of this story to accept because when has the league ever acted "quickly" on realignment? You might wonder how these two schools jumped ahead of Navy? Well, Navy wants the Big East to "right the ship" before it considers climbing aboard and ECU and UCF haven't exactly been shy about wanting into a BCS conference.

Will the six remaining football schools be swayed if Central Florida and East Carolina are added to the conference?