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Temple Wants to Rejoin the Big East

While there are still institutions looking to get out of the Big East, Temple wants back in. They'd love to be a full member this time, but would accept a football only invite if it was offered. The rumored schools that the Big East is looking into for expansion are Central Florida, Navy, SMU, and Temple. Air Force has seemingly been pushed to the back burner. Commissioner John Marinatto was given permission to seek out new additions after Sunday's meeting in Washington, D.C.

As the Nova Blog noticed, the article that talked about Temple's intentions, also mentioned that the possibility of Temple and Villanova both using Lincoln Financial Field has been discussed. Depending on what happens in the Big 12, the Big East might need to add another football school than they originally intended. While the Big East should be moving forward with their plans at breakneck speed, they are once again being reactive.

Do you think it would be possible for the Big East to retain all of the current member institutions if it made a move or two before the Big 12 could?