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TCU and Gary Patterson Won't Be Helping SMU Anymore

Saturday's home loss to in-state foe SMU didn't do much for Gary Patterson's view of the up and coming Mustangs. TCU is headed to the Big East, and there are new rumors that SMU is being considered for Big East membership as well. That being the case, Patterson was rather unhappy at the way he felt his team was treated on Saturday and vowed that SMU would receive no further help from the Horned Frogs going forward. Patterson said

SMU got a lot of help from us over the last three or four years. They are not going to get any help about a game or a conference; they are going to get no help from Gary Patterson. Don't ask me about anything. We've bent over backwards to help them because that's what I believe in.  


To make things even more entertaining, SMU is now selling a season ticket package for the final four home games of the season. The cost of that ticket package: $40.33. The final score of Saturday's upset win by SMU? 40-33. Touche, SMU, touche. I confess I rather like the idea of SMU in the Big East with TCU if it means more of this sort of banter in the future.