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Conference Realignment: Big 12 To Take West Virginia, Stay At Ten Teams

According to CBS' Brett McMurphy, the Big 12 voted this morning to invite (again) West Virginia. After some talk of a compromise where perhaps both West Virginia and Louisville would be invited, the decision has been made to stay at ten teams and invite West Virginia only. McMurphy writes:

West Virginia has been invited to join the Big 12 Conference, college football industry sources told Friday.

The Mountaineers will accept the invitation, sources said. The Big 12 is expected to officially announce the invitation later today.

The Big 12's board of directors voted Friday morning and chose West Virginia over Louisville. They will stay at 10 schools, a source said.

On Tuesday, West Virginia had received a verbal offer to join the Big 12, but then the league put the Mountaineers on hold because the league’s board of directors wanted to perform "due diligence."

The league was split between adding West Virginia or Louisville to replace Missouri, which is expected to leave the league for the SEC. 

So now Louisville remains in the Big East and the Big East will attempt to expand to twelve teams and host a championship game of its own. West Virginia will likely remain in the Big East through 2014 to wait out the 27 month waiting period required by Big East bylaws and possibly help the Big East retain its BCS automatic qualifying status going forward.