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Notre Dame "Continues to Monitor the Landscape"

This morning we saw a rumor that Notre Dame was evaluating their membership in the Big East over the next 60 days. At the end of that period, they would make a decision on whether or not to pull their Olympic sports out of the Big East and maybe dump them in the Big XII.

The Big XII? Well, the source of this latest realignment rumor is Chip Brown of (the Texas Rivals site some of you may have heard of). Brown talked to Texas' AD DeLoss Dodds earlier this year and Dodds admitted his intention to bring in Notre Dame for Olympic sports.

I called Notre Dame to get a response. I was told that athletic director Jack Swarbrick has given a consistent answer to the various realignment items that pop up almost every day. That answer is that: Notre Dame "continues to monitor the landscape."

We saw last week that the landscape doesn't include the ACC unless the Irish are going to bring all sports along with them. Attempts to contact the Big XII and its member institutions for comment on Notre Dame were unsuccessful.