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Big East, C-USA and Mountain West to form 32-Team Überconference?

Forget the Superconference. Welcome to the rise of the Überconference. Sixteen teams isn't enough, neither is 22 teams. But, 32 teams? That's going for the gusto.

We assure you this is not an Onion News Story. This is real life. While the Big East waits on Missouri to do something, they have been presented the following option: Four division Überconference consisting of the teams (a total of 28-32 teams depending on one's taste) in the Big East, C-USA and the Mountain West. The four divisions would be the Big East, the Central, the Mountain and the West.

This plan is for football only, of course. The hope (although it is never stated how it would work) is that the Big East would retain its AQ BCS status. The Big East would then award its BCS bid to the winner of a four team playoff of the divisional champions. Below the jump is what the divisions would look like (we totally "borrowed" the chart from Mountain West Connection, thanks Jeremy!)

There's no mistake, you won't find West Virginia below. They are still expected to get the Big XII invite when Missouri goes to the SEC (these are rumors, we aren't necessarily giving them credence). If there are only 28 teams in the Überconference, then Louisiana Tech, Navy, San Jose State and Temple are the odd schools out.

West Mountain Central Big East
Boise State Air Force Marshall Louisville
Hawaii Colorado State Memphis UConn
UNLV Wyoming Southern Miss Rutgers
Nevada New Mexico  Tulane Cincinnati
Fresno State UTEP UAB South Florida
San Diego State SMU Rice Central Florida
Utah State Tulsa Temple East Carolina
San Jose State Houston Louisiana Tech Navy


What do you think of this idea? Do you hate it as much as I imagine you do? I don't really see this thing taking flight in any event.