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LSU Still On Top of the SB Nation BlogPoll, West Virginia Up to #13

The latest SB Nation BlogPoll is up at the mother ship, LSU is still #1.

The LSU Tigers have been on top of the SB Nation BlogPoll for a month, what else is new? Well, since last to nothing as regards the Big East (at least in the BlogPoll, Mengus will have a post later today on the latest realignment developments).

West Virginia moved up three spots to #13 this week in the BlogPoll. The Mountaineers are #15 in the initial BCS Standings. Cincinnati, Rutgers and South Florida (what? how did this happen???) received votes in the latest BlogPoll. Besides one intrepid Virginia blog that had the Bulls at #25, nobody had any confidence in South Florida.

Mengus thinks that Louisville will take out Rutgers this week and thus end their run of receiving votes in the BlogPoll. Now that the Big East has reiterated that it will hold Syracuse hostage for 27 months will they exact revenge and beat West Virginia on Friday? With both of these matchups on Friday at the same time, which will you watch? If you are a fiend, you will watch both at the same time while DVR'ing both games. Side note: who is the genius who put both games on at the same time when Big East football was the only thing on (this is not rhetorical, I really do want to know)?