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Celebrity Big Brother Update: Metta World Peace was too good for this game.

The dream comes to an end

Years from now, scholars will look back in awe at Metta World Peace’s time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Sure, he came up short of his goal. He was evicted on Monday, six nights shy of the finale. His downfall wasn’t brought on by of a lack of strategy or a few costly mistakes, however.

It was that Metta was simply too good for this game.

His flawless strategy of routinely trying to quit the game and begging his fellow houseguests to vote him out was just too smart. Like so many before him, Metta donned the appearance of a non-factor. A floater’s floater. A disinterested, disconnected, Big Brother dissident.

That should have been enough for him to last until Sunday, the finale.

But the houseguests called his bluff. He asked Ross to use the Power of Veto and asked Omarosa to nominate him. And that’s what happened. Then, he asked the others to evict him, and they did just that.

It was a sad moment, but we can only hope he returns for a Big Brother All-Stars season.

Heck, he even kept playing when he left the house. In his interview with Julie Chen, he continued to play dumb. Julie asked Metta who he wanted to win. Metta said Shannon, WHO HAD ALREADY BEEN EVICTED! She asked him what he would have done had he won the veto and he started listing people he would have nominated EVEN THOUGH HE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD THAT POWER.

What a genius. What a damn genius. And the Big Brother house will be worse off without him.

We’ll see you at the finale, Metta. If you remember to show up.