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Celebrity Big Brother Update: Metta World Peace is so bad at this game that he might win it

He won’t, though

Don’t let anyone tell you Celebrity Big Brother is bad television.

Metta World Peace — the man who laid down on the scorer’s table, got hit with a drink, then charged into the stands and started beating the bejeezus out of a fan — did this:

So if you haven’t been following this season, here’s a quick recap of Metta’s game play so far:

  • By the time the first episode aired, he had tried to quit the show at least twice because he missed his wife and wanted “to kiss her in like 20 different places.”
  • He survived the first eviction by begging Shannon Elizabeth to nominate him, thus making it pointless to do so.
  • He tried to vote to evict James Maslow, but accidentally voted to evict Chuck Lidell.
  • He asked what a “back door” is.
  • He wore his shorts on his head, according to people watching the live feeds? I haven’t checked in on the feeds in a while so I can’t confirm.
  • He was sexy as hell in the DR:
  • Again, this:

I don’t think there’s anyone is going to pick Metta to win this game. But it appears he’s just oblivious enough to stick around, maybe long enough until he actually figures it out.

He’s not a target this week, so that’s a good thing. Ross Matthews is the Head of Household and he nominated Omarosa and Keisha Knight Pulliam. The plan seems to be to backdoor Shannon Elizabeth, but if that doesn’t happen, I don’t think anyone would be upset with sending Keisha or Omarosa home. Either way, Metta is way off the radar.

All I want out of Metta this week is to see him play in the veto. I feel like he can actually win some competitions, and if he does win, it will force him to make a move in the game — even if that move is doing nothing. What’s it going to look like if Omarosa gets mad at him? Or if Shannon has to explain to him why he shouldn’t use the veto, while Ross is in his other ear trying to convince him otherwise?

The accelerated nature of this season makes it so much better because we get to find out immediately. This is like reality TV on crack and there is nothing better.