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Site news: We launched a podcast!

Better late than never, right?

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Xavier Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

For the past couple years, we’ve done Big East team-by-team season previews and a weekly recap during the season using Google Hangouts.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Hangouts, but the most popular request we received whenever we did them was, “When will you guys put these on iTunes in podcast form for people to listen on the go?”

That day has arrived!

Starting Thursday with our St. John’s Season Preview, the new Big East Coast Podcast will be available on iTunes.

If you enjoy the live Google Hangouts, we’re still doing them. There will be posts to watch the Hangouts every time we do one, but since Chris and I have afternoons open and most people are tied up with other commitments, this is the best way to be accessible to all Big East fans.

Here’s how you subscribe.

Go to the iTunes store and type in “Big East Coast Podcast”. There will be an option to subscribe. That’s all!

We’re very excited for this new development. Hopefully you are too!