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The Morning Fast Break (Nov. 29, 2016): Creighton podcast, AP votes for Marquette women’s basketball, Villanova stays near the top and more

Welcome to The Morning Fast Break: Your daily source for Big East news and reads.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

An easy night gives way to a busy day!

The Big East has four (4) teams in action today. Get excited folks.

Let’s get on with the program though.

More AP points for MU women’s hoops (Anonymous Eagle)

Since then, the Golden Eagles grabbed another win over a ranked foe, but they also suffered their first loss of the season. How did the AP voters deal with that issue? As it turns out, they gave Marquette more points (26) than last week (18), but they dropped them back a spot. Last week, Marquette was unofficially the #31 team in the country, now they’re unofficially #32. Somehow, that oddly makes sense.

What’re we thinkin about KenPom so far? (Banners on the Parkway)

One of the bigger issues I had with Xavier last year was they had the 35th fastest tempo in the NCAA. Sure, this was great when they were going on huge runs against USC, Dayton, Butler, etc but perhaps not so great when we trying to hold a lead in a game I still don’t have the stomach to mention by name. This year Xavier is sitting at 108 in adjusted Tempo, a much more reasonable number.

Your youth was showing, St. John’s (Rumble in the Garden)

Unfortunately St. John’s failed to finish any of those contests off with a victory. Supporters can look at all four of those previous games and blame this or that. Ultimately, there is something that separates winners and losers. Teams that consistently win do the little things correctly, and teams that lose, don’t.

Villanova holds steady in the AP Top 25 (VU Hoops)

It was a slow holiday week for Villanova as the #2 ranked Wildcats only played, and defeated the College of Charleston over the past week. That result let the ‘Cats hold their spot in the newest AP Poll released on Monday. Kentucky came in at #1 collecting 40 first place votes. ‘Nova tallied 20 first place votes and third-place North Carolina collected four. Kansas and Duke rounded out the top 5.

Podcasting about the Jays (White & Blue Review)

A lot has happened since Bryant Ott and Matt DeMarinis last podcasted. For one, WE HAVE A TITLE SPONSOR NOW. Say hello to Lawlor’s Custom Sportswear. Say hello (and thanks!) to Lawlor’s Custom Sportswear, outfitters of Creighton fans for decades. If you’re looking for Bluejays gear, they’ve got you covered in store (just north of 84th and L streets and at Westroads Mall) and online.

Actually, we’re a wrestling and baseball blog

- An MLB labor stoppage is wildly unnecessary

- The Dodgers are in a lot of debt

- The BO$$ is quick

- The New Day continued their trek to 478