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The Fast Break (8/28/15): Xavier Soccer, Disney World, and more!

Eight is enough for Xavier soccer!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

No. 19 Men's Soccer dismantles Eastern Illinois, 8-0. - GoXavier

I saw the tweet from Xavier's account at the half of this game. It was 1-0. A couple hours later I was going through my timeline, and saw this final. That escalated quickly.

Ranking the top 10 Big East small forwards - Today's U

While I think there's a case to be made for Roosevelt Jones to be higher than he is, it's hard to argue Bluiett and Hart being placed where they are. Though I think a lot of love for Josh Hart comes from the Big East Tournament, a small sample size.

The Real World of College Athletics - 247Sports

With college athletics starting up, it's important that we remind ourselves just how much work these athletes put in. For some, there's no payoff and no going to the next level.

The 38 Essential Disney Dishes and Restaurants - Eater

As the calendar turns to fall, it's an awesome time to go to Disney World. Well, it's always an awesome time to go to Disney World, but it's much less crowded and not as hot if you go in the fall. If you're planning a trip and don't know where to dine, our friends at Eater have you covered.

TIP: Even if it's cold when you go, get a Mickey ice cream bar. Seriously. You have to.

The American Hockey League releases their 2015-16 schedule - Anonymous Eagle

Marquette won't have too many Saturday night home games, which is a bummer. But when you share an arena with two other teams, things tend to get a bit crowded.