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The Fast Break (8/27/15): Matt Stainbrook, Illinois Football, and more!

Happy Friday!

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Stainbrook signs professional contract in GermanyBanners on the Parkway

Congratulations, Matt! Stainbrook had stops with the Pacers and Warriors in the NBA Summer League before deciding to head overseas.

Illinois fires Tim Beckman - Champaign Room

I know we usually link to a certain article instead of just a site, but with how this story is unfolding, you're going to want t keep checking back with Champaign Room over and over. Each detail seems worse than the last.

Pretty Good, episode 4: The night a Soviet officer saved all of our asses - SB Nation

If you've never watched an episode of Jon Bois' Pretty Good, you need to. He seeks out unsung heroes of history and gives them their due. This one might be the best of the series.

Marquette Basketball Twitter list - Anonymous Eagle

This is a great compilation of must-follow Marquette (and Big East) related accounts. SPOILERS: We'll do something similar before the season kicks off.

Jay Wright wearing a blue suit - Jay Wright's Twitter

We. Are. SO. CLOSE. To. The. Season.