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The Fast Break (August 12, 2015): An early 2016 NBA Mock Draft, Xavier's a national power, former Hoyas going overseas

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

LSU's Ben Simmons leads first 2016 NBA mock lottery draft -

The 2016 NBA draft is a little more than 10 months away, and it's time to look at the players who are the frontrunners to be shaking Adam Silver's hand in the Barclays Center next June.

Xavier has arrived as a national power - Banners on the Parkway

As I was trying to put my exuberantly uncooperative two-year-old to bed last night, I let my mind carry me to somewhere far, far away from the frustrations of the moment. Particularly, I let it carry me to the time between the final horn of the NCAA championship game and the annual One Shining Moment montage. In my imagination, the camera panned down to a gleeful Jalen Reynolds, a satisfied Coach Mack, and the entire rest of the Xavier roster, staff, and assorted support.

Hoyas Around the World: Chris Wright to Israel, Markel Starks to Australia - Casual Hoya

Georgetown's beloved point guards for life Chris Wright and Markel Starks have found new homes for next season.

How to Bayern in 11 Steps - SB Nation Longform

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg splits Bayern defenders, then shows remarkable patience for a 19-year-old. He and his forward, barrel-chested Paraguayan Raul Bobadilla, have broken open on a 2-on-1 of sorts: them vs. embattled Bayern central defender Dante. In basketball, a 2-on-1 should almost always result in two points, but in soccer, you still have to beat the keeper, too. Bayern happens to have the best keeper in the world. Pass to Bobadilla too early and Manuel Neuer, with his 6'4" frame and what seems like a 13-foot wingspan, might swallow up the threat.

The Morris twins should feel embarrassed they let the Suns play them - SB Nation NBA

The Morris twins are furious that Marcus (the lesser basketball player) was traded by the Suns to the Pistons in July as Phoenix chased cap space to lure LaMarcus Aldridge. On Wednesday, Markieff Morris (the better basketball player) demanded a trade, claiming that the Suns had acted unprofessionally toward the twins.

Watch Michael Jordan's 'The Shot' from an angle you've never seen - SB Nation #LOOKIT

You've seen "The Shot" approximately 1,757,413 times -- but never from this angle. This video from the Cavaliers' baseline shows Michael Jordan soaring over Craig Ehlo and draining the shot that we'll see in Gatorade ads forever.