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The Fast Break (August 11, 2015): MU women's soccer stats, Xavier Simpson and more

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

A Look Back at Marquette Women's Soccer & Advanced Metrics - Anonymous Eagle

Last season, your Marquette Golden Eagles women's soccer team got off to a lousy start. They were 2-5-1 after eight games, and just looked completely out of sorts, at least relative to how a Markus Roeders coached team usually looks. It wasn't the losing that was really the issue, as Marquette had a recent history of dropping early matches due to early season tests, it was the overall performance of the team. Something just didn't feel and look right about how they were playing.

Xavier Simpson and the weirdness of recruiting - Banners on the Parkway

This likely isn't news to you, but Xavier Simpson will likely not be attending Xavier University. Since Quentin Goodin committed to X, it has been clear that Xavier Simpson was no longer a priority or even an option for the Musketeers. His recruitment by other schools has ramped into high gear, with Indiana throwing out an official offer and Iowa State hosting an official visit. It wasn't that long ago that he was going to announce a commitment and Xavier was the prohibitive favorite to land him. We even spent some time looking at whether a player of his height could make his bones in the Big East.

The 10 best NBA prospects in high school basketball - SB Nation College Basketball

The best young basketball players in the world just don't develop overnight. Long before any player can become a household name as a one-and-done NBA Draft prospect, he's already been scouted for years against the top players in his age group.

Hellbent, But Not Broken: The Tough Birches Paddle the Yukon River Quest - SB Nation Longform

The hallucinations started out small, subtle flickers of light at the edges of my vision. "Lightning!" I'd think, and then turn my head to see a cloudless sky. They took firmer shape as the hours passed, acquiring form and color — bright, imagined graffiti tagging the empty rocks of the cliffs that hemmed the river in on both sides of me, or a line of kayaks in rainbow colors spread across the water ahead. Blinking didn't banish them; even knowing they weren't real didn't chase them away. Most often, the visions were logical extensions of my circumstances: Every tree stump on shore became a bear or a moose. Every dead tree floating downriver became a rival boat, a fellow racer to chase down.

Elton Brand announces retirement from NBA - SB Nation NBA

Elton Brand is calling it quits after 16 years in the NBA. The veteran forward announced his retirement during a basketball camp at his alma mater of Peekskill High School in New York on Tuesday.

Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders diagnosed with treatable Hodgkin's Lymphoma - SB Nation NBA

Minnesota Timberwolves president and head coach Flip Saunders announced Tuesday that he's been diagnosed with a curable form of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

11 NFL people I'd rather be punched by than the guy who punched Geno Smith - SB Nation #LOOKIT

"Not the guy you want to be punched by," huh? I am not sure who in the guy is you *would* want to be punched by in professional football -- probably no one! I don't want to be punched at all! -- but here are some guesses.

The NHL is having a Mighty Ducks movie night with no Mighty Ducks movie - SB Nation #LOOKIT

Hey, nice! The NHL Network is gonna air a beloved hockey movie! Let's all tune in and watch togeth--

U.S. Soccer is trying to trademark 'Dos a Cero' - SB Nation #LOOKIT

A rallying cry forged by fans could soon be owned by U.S. soccer. A trademark filing from late June shows that "Dos a Cero" has been registered as a trademark, which could limit how much the phrase is used in the future.