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So you drafted St. John's D'Angelo Harrison?

Congratulations to the lucky franchise on selecting St. John's third leading scorer. Harrison may have his work cut out for him at the next level but does have the chance to be a solid NBA player for one lucky team.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an interesting four years at St. John's for D'Angelo Harrison, to say the least. He now looks to strike gold during the NBA draft.  During his time with the Red Storm, Harrison's tenure was marked by drama, personal growth, and being the main backbone of St. John's offense.  All in all, the 6'4" 204 lbs. guard had a stellar four years, and finished third all-time in scoring at St. John's. He'll be remembered for his scoring prowess as much he will be for his tattoos and swagger on the court.

But the question remains, how does D'Angelo Harrison fair as an NBA prospect heading into the draft?

Well this is a tough one to say the least, while he had a penchant for scoring he also had penchant for shooting the ball in general, often taking average 13 shots per game.  He does have the potential to be an off-the-bench volume shooter if he can further hone his shooting.  There were games this past season where when Harrison was cold from the onset and it held St. John's offense back on the court, though another asset for Harrison was his ability to draw contact on offense. He is an 86% free throw shooter for his career and his crafty hesitation moves within the perimeter towards the basket usually has led to him the foul line.

Career wise his numbers were 17.5 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 1.5 APG. In all, he was a well rounded shooting guard for the Red Storm.  However the main caveat for Harrison heading into the draft is his size.  At 6'4" he is considered undersized, by NBA standards, for the shooting guard position to which he was accustomed to playing for St. John's and fits in the point guard category.  Given his height and the way he played at St. John's, he is limited more so at point guard given his ability to see over other guards and defensive length are not at their best.

Another area where Harrison struggles is scoring against length.  While did find success in some ways, his ability to often get a clean and clear shot off were limited at times as teams figured out quickly where Harrison would be on the floor.  Under pressure, he can get a shot off, but sometimes defenses knew how to get the body on Harrison to force an errant shot.  He'll have to work on this, and if he can work this out it will help his versatility tremendously.

In the most likely scenario for the draft, Harrison will most likely go undrafted, though he will definitely draw interest following the draft as a potential depth stash for a team in need of a versatile shooter to come off the bench.  Still though, for what it is worth, Harrison is a prospect that represent a potential upside given his limitations.  Where he lands during the draft or afterwards will be interesting to see.  He is a player with a lot of heart and it would not be surprising to see him on an NBA roster at some point.