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Big East graduates celebrate their big day

Congratulations to all of our Spring 2015 graduates!

Graduating college is one of the biggest personal accomplishes of one's life. It's been a year since I walked across that stage. Every test taken, every party busted, every student loan payment made in the future was all worth it for that one moment.

But today isn't a day to reminisce on my graduation day; it's a day to celebrate a new class of college grads. Some will make the transition from college to pro ball, while others will not. But no matter their future on and off the court, they all can take pride in one thing: they're all college graduates.

Darrun Hilliard and Jayvaughn Pinkston ended their Villanova careers as Big East champs. They leave together with degrees in hand. Dylan Ennis is there with them, but his journey takes him to Oregon, where he'll continue his playing career as a graduate student with the Ducks.

Five Georgetown Hoyas turned their tassels today: Mikael Hopkins, Aaron Bowen, Jabril Trawick, Tyler Adams and student manager Jordan Blackwell.

Seton Hall gave Brandon Mobley, Stephane Manga and Haralds Karlis their senior gifts earlier this week.

Creighton head coach Greg McDermott sends his boys off in style, including Austin Chatman, Will Artino and Devin Brooks.

Roosevelt Jones gave a shout out last week to Kameron Woods, Alex Barlow and Jackson Aldridge as they say goodbye to the Butler home locker room for the final time.

Chris Mack caught up with Dee Davis after the Xavier alum crossed the stage.

..and Wojo spends time with Juan Anderson, Derrick Wilson and their families on their big day.

Congrats to all of our Spring 2015 graduates!