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Marquette vs. Butler: Haltime Notes

After one half in Indianapolis, Butler holds a narrow lead.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports


  • Luke Fischer and Duane WIlson both have seven points for the Golden Eagles
  • Fischer picked up two fouls and was removed for the remainder of the half at the six minute mark
  • The Eagles are shooting over 60%. Very nice half for them
  • Steve Wojciechowski picked up a technical late in the first half and had to be restrained from picking up a second, he was very displeased with a call against his team.


  • Kellen Dunham leads the Bulldogs in scoring with 11 points.
  • This is the first game since Andrew Chrabascz got injured that Butler's offense has looked competent. They're shooting 50%
  • TYLER WIDEMAN DOUBLE-DOUBLE WATCH: Wait a minute.... This isn't usually what this is called. Wideman has eight points and seven rebounds, though.
  • Butler has seven offensive rebounds and seven defensive rebounds. Business as usual on the boards for the Bulldogs.