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Seton Hall vs Providence: 3-Point Preview

The Friars look to bounce back against a reeling Seton Hall team.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are traveling to Providence and are attempting to save their season with a victory at the dunk. Seton Hall without a doubt is at a low point right now. They have lost three games in a row, their starting shooting guard has decided to part ways with the team, and their two star players almost got in a fight during at time out in their last game against Georgetown. Providence is trying to snap their two game losing streak and try to reclaim their third spot at the top of the Big East standings.

Here are three question to have for this matchup

How will Sterling Gibbs and Isaiah Whitehead Play Together?

The tension in the Seton Hall looker room could not be any greater than it is right now. The locker room is divided and the two main causes are star guard Sterling Gibbs, and freshman, former McDonald's All-American Isaiah Whitehead. It will be interesting to see how they will play on the court this time around, considering they almost got in a brawl on national television. Seton Hall has arguably one of the most talented back courts in the conference, but that does not mean anything if they don't have each others best interests at heart. If Seton Hall wants to be successful in the Big East, Gibbs and Whitehead will need to suck it up and be successful together.

How will the Friars Bounce Back From a Tough Loss Against Villanova?

The Friars suffered a tough loss against Villanova, and the Friars will be looking to get an easy win at home against a team that currently has more problems than they can handle. Kris Dunn had his worst game in over a month against the Wildcats, shooting 35% from the field and taking way too many threes. Overall, the Friars were just outmatched against Villanova, but it was a good team effort from a lot of players on the roster. The Friars need to start preparing for the NCAA Tournament, and a.three game losing streak is never good to have on a resume going into March Madness. I think the Friars will be energetic and ready to play at tip off, and this game presents a good opportunity for the Friars to get back on track.

Who would you bet on to win the game?

I think the Friars have the edge in this one by a landslide. Tyler Harris had a really good game against Villanova and I predict it will carry over into this matchup. Kris Dunn had a bad game last Wednesday, but he rarely has two bad games in a row and the departure of Jaren Sina will make it easier for him to attack the hoop and get easy layups. I don't think anyone for the Pirates will be able to stop LaDonate Henton and I think the Friars have too many weapons for a Seton Hall team that is currently at an all time low.