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Georgetown vs. Seton Hall: 3-Point Preview

Taking a look at the contest between the Hoyas and Pirates

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Georgetown comes into this game having lost three of their last four games, which is not the brand of basketball that they should be playing. The season was looking really good for them, but as of late, they have had little mistakes that are impacting the outcomes of the games that they have lost. Seton Hall is trying to get in the top four of the conference, but this game is really important for the Hoyas because it can determine if they want to be a top 4 team or  below that. Everyone knows that Villanova Wildcats will be No.1 in the conference, but after that, Providence, Butler, and Georgetown are competing to be No.2.

Georgetown has a conference record of 7-5, and this team has to go on a winning streak to start getting back to form because a lot of the players on the team has not been playing as well as they should, but if the team want's to come out with a win in New Jersey against Seton Hall Pirates, here are three things that will be the focus for them:

Aaron Bowen has to get minutes

For about four or five games, Aaron Bowen has not been getting as many minutes as he used to, which is shocking. He helped the Hoyas in so many ways throughout the first few games of conference play and now he is not getting that many minutes. But, he has to take advantage of what he is getting because he can impact Georgetown in so many ways. Bowen will need to be aggressive, and also get out on the break and run because that is one area that the Hoyas succeed in. Bowen also has to bring some energy to the team, because, in the losses it seems that Georgetown goes minutes without scoring. That is the best position to put him in to get the crowd going because of his effort on the defensive side of the ball.

Joshua Smith has to demand the ball

Seton Hall does not have the size advantage to guard Joshua Smith. If this gets into a slow-tempo game, it will be a good sign for Georgetown. As of late, though, Smith has not been very active, but the guards also have not been doing a good job at finding the right places to give him the ball. Smith need to demand the ball early, so the offense can spread out and allow D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera to drive. Smith is essential to every game, but he needs to find his groove and start muscling opponents who are smaller than him.

Aggressiveness is important

Whatever team comes out and starts fast will win the game. Seton Hall will need start out fast if they want to keep up with the Hoyas because Georgetown is the type of team to go on an early run. It will be important for both side to run and gun because they have the personnel. Georgetown has to attack and not just shoot three's if they are not in a rhythm, because that killed them against Villanova on Saturday.