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Big East - SEC Challenge Matchups And Dates Announced

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ESPN has just released its dates and matchups for the 2012 Big East/SEC Challenge held annually between 12 Big East teams and 12 SEC teams. The Big East won last year's challenge 8-4. Below are the dates and matchups for this year's installment.

Big East/SEC Challenge
Thursday, Nov 29 Kentucky at Notre Dame
Marquette at Florida
South Carolina at St. John's
Seton Hall at LSU
Friday, Nov 30 Syracuse at Arkansas
Tennessee at Georgetown
DePaul at Auburn
Georgia at South Florida
Saturday, Dec 1 Alabama at Cincinnati
Villanova at Vanderbilt
Mississippi State at Providence
Rutgers at Ole Miss

It's a bit surprising to not see Louisville, Pittsburgh, or Connecticut participating as you'd think all three teams would provide pretty compelling matchups with SEC teams. But Louisville already faces Vanderbilt and Kentucky, though neither game will technically be considered a part of the Big East/SEC Challenge.