Why The Florida Gators Will Never Play USF in Tampa


Why The Florida Gators Will Never Play USF at Raymond James Stadium


It's no secret that the Florida Gators always play 2 cupcake games at home (excluding the USF game last year). We all know that College Football is a business and the University Athletic Association (UAA) is out to make as much money as possible. The Gators are limited in their non-SEC games (and FSU) so scheduling home games is the best way to make money (Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all).

We have 3 games in which the Gators can schedule teams for home or away. As a Gator fan, I would love to see us use one of these 3 games to schedule a USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan or a Big East team for an away game just so I don't have to read "The Gators never play a team outside of the south east PAAAAWWWWWLLLL." This obviously would decrease the amount of money that the UAA makes. I know the University of Florida makes PLENTY of money but they also donate the money made from sports back to the educational system. I'm not sure if other schools do this or not.

It's time to step your game up Jeremy Foley and schedule at least 1 away game against a formidable opponent. I know our schedule is tough playing in the SEC (I expect hate for this comment), but use 1 game to branch out. I know the fans would love it and it would be great for all of college football. Maybe Will Muschamp needs to suggest this publicly. It's time to play USF at Raymond James Stadium and repay the favor for USF playing in the Swamp.

What say you?

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