Jared Lorenzen Dominates Indoor Football

This isn't Big East related but we've been obsessed with it: Jared Lorenzen playing Ultimate Indoor Football.

Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen (via cleveworld)

Apparently the big man is not only the QB for the North Kentucky River Monsters, he's the General Manager too.

Don't laugh too hard, Lorenzen is second on his UIFL team with ELEVEN RUSHING TOUCHDOWNS. That total is also good enough for second place in the entire league. However, he does lead the league with 3,155 yards of offense in 12 games. When you add in his 69 passing touchdowns, Lorenzen has scored 80 touchdowns in twelve games. It is an indoor football league but that is still a staggering number to look at. Lorenzen is listed on the River Monsters roster as 6'5", 290 pounds, but we'll let you be the judge (note, this video is from his af2 days, this is a TD pass of his from the River Monsters and this is one of those aforementioned rushing touchdowns).

Lorenzen also has a Super Bowl ring from when he was on the New York Giants roster.

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