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BECB One-on-One Tournament: The Four Horsemen of the Bracketocalypse

A warrior priest from the Ocean State, a feral beast from outside the heart of independence, a creature of flight from the vast wasteland and a swashbuckling assassin from the shores of New Jersey. Its the final four of the Big East Coast Bias One-on-One Tournament.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to March, everybody. With conference tournaments already underway, your chance to fill out brackets has come. However, if you are a smart boy or girl, you were filling out a bracket a few weeks ago when we started this wild experiment known as the Big East Coast Bias One-on-One Tournament.

We've gone through the first two rounds of the tournament and are left with four players standing. The first is the least surprising, with top seed Kris Dunn stampeding his way through 16th seed Myke Henry and eighth seed Roosevelt Jones.The second of the final four is Villanova's Josh Hart, who entered as the No. 5 seed but slew the dragon that is fourth seed Henry Ellenson in round two. Third is Creighton's Maurice Watson, who is the Cinderella of the tourney, navigating his way to the semifinals as a No. 7 seed. Finally, Isaiah Whitehead rallied to take down Ben Bentil, who had a nice run despite his 11th seeding. Below you can check out the full bracket.

Now, let's dive in and break down these two matchups.

No. 1 Kris Dunn vs. No. 5 Josh Hart

We may have finally come to a point where Dunn could lose. He topped Henry with 97 percent of the vote and Jones with 87 percent. However, the stock in the Friars is falling some and Villanova is still on track for a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Team resume shouldn't matter but there's no way to completely separate it entirely from this event. That said, Dunn is back to full health, as he showed with his 17-point effort against Creighton on Wednesday. Let's see if he can keep dominating in the bracket.

Why Dunn would win

For Pete's sake, he's still Kris Dunn. Even I am ashamed that I am doubting him a bit. This is still the guy that can finish any which way you want and cuts through the lane like a snake cuts through butter. Hold on, scratch that, I may have mixed my similes there. Regardless, the point stands. Dunn is the smoothest player in the league and the most likely to win a hypothetical one-on-one tourney.

Why Hart would win

If Dunn has had a weakness, its been the Villanova Wildcats. When the Friars upset 'Nova at the beginning of February, Dunn did put up 13 points and 14 assists, but Hart was right there with him, netting 18 points. Dunn also had six turnovers in that contest, and he won't be able to drop 14 dimes in a one-on-one scenario. When Villanova got revenge in the beginning of February, Hart had 14 points and 13 rebounds while Dunn had only 11 points on 4-of-15 shooting. Hart may just have the secret sauce to beat Dunn.

Who will win

Watch that video and tell me anyone but Dunn is going to win. You can't.

No. 7 Maurice Watson vs. No. 3 Isaiah Whitehead

It took quite a last-minute rush for Whitehead to take down Bentil. You have to believe this past week has something to do with that. Whitehead is averaging 24.7 points per game in the last three contests. Meanwhile, Watson is still riding the coattails from his run as the conference's player de jour, as he upset D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera. (Sorry, Hoyas. You lose again).

Why Watson would win

If you use the first head-to-head matchup between these two teams, Watson has the edge. He had 13 points and 14 assists and Whitehead was limited to 10 points. Watson did that in a road contest so we know he can get it done in any environment.

Why Whitehead would win

The other side of the coin is less kind to Watson. Whitehead put up 22 points, while Watson had 14, in the rematch at the end of January. Seton Hall won that game and Whitehead's superior size, strength and ability to score in one-on-one situations makes him a difficult matchup for Watson.

Who will win

When you're drilling shots like Steph Curry, how can anyone beat you?

But who cares what I say. Its time for you to vote. Then check in next week to see who made the finals.