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2016 Big East Coast Bias power rankings: WEEK FOUR EDITION

No change at the top, but some movement in the middle.

NCAA Basketball: St. Joseph at Villanova Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back!

Like last week, we received a total of 19 ballots. Helping us along the way were Anonymous Eagle, Casual Hoya and Rumble in the Garden as well as our trusted staff members. Here’s how things shook out this week.

10. DePaul Blue Demons

(Score: 9.53; Highest Vote: 8; Lowest Vote: 10; Last Week: 10)

“DePaul lost to a bunch of nerds with an overrated journalism school. Bummer.” - Robert O’Neill

“Hey, a Chicago-based team with red/white/blue as their primary colors won a World Series after being hapless for seemingly forever. DePaul could follow suit one day. It’s possible!” - Chris Novak

9. St. John’s Red Storm

(Score: 9.16; Highest Vote: 8; Lowest Vote: 10; Last Week: 8)

“Red Storms are better than Green Waves, but not better than Hornets. Good life lessons.” - Robert O’Neill

“Threes came down in buckets for St. John’s against Tulane. For the Red Storm, they’ll have to hope that trend continues going forward, especially if their defense isn’t up to snuff.” - Chris Novak

8. Georgetown Hoyas

(Score: 8.16; Highest Vote: 7; Lowest Vote: 9; Last Week: 9)

“The Hoyas went 2-0 this week, so that’s good!” - Robert O’Neill

“Well, at least the Hoyas have Rodney Pryor.” - Chris Novak

7. Marquette Golden Eagles

(Score: 6.74; Highest Vote: 4; Lowest Vote: 8; Last Week: 7)

“Marquette needed a road win against Georgia. Marquette got a road win against Georgia.” - Robert O’Neill

“I could say without much hesitation that Marquette’s the fifth-best team in the conference. That offense is damn good.” - Chris Novak

6. Providence Friars

(Score: 5.79; Highest Vote: 5; Lowest Vote: 7; Last Week: 6)

“Someone forgot to tell Ed Cooley that this is a ‘rebuilding year.’” - Robert O’Neill

“Rodney Bullock: Good. Friars: Good.” - Chris Novak

“One would hope that the nine other Big East coaches have now completely removed the "rebuilding year" label from Ed Cooley's squad.” - Chris Grenham

“Providence comes off a 2-0 week with a convincing midweek win over New Hampshire and then a hard-fought rivalry win against Rhode Island over the weekend. Rodney Bullock scored 53 points this week, including a career-high 36 against UNH. 14 of his 17 in the URI game came in the second half when the Friars out-scored the then 21st-ranked Rams, 34-25, to finish off the 3-point win at home, 63-60.” - Mike Hopkins

5. Seton Hall Pirates

(Score: 5.53; Highest Vote: 4; Lowest Vote: 7; Last Week: 5)

“Myles Powell is very good, and he doesn’t want you to forget it.” - Robert O’Neill

“A quiet week for The Hall who won their lone test. This week’s a whole heck of a lot busier out in Hawaii.” - Chris Novak

4. Xavier Musketeers

(Score: 3.58; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 5; Last Week: 4)

“If you’re going to lose, lose to a top 10 team on the road. That’s what I always say.” - Robert O’Neill

“Stock’s pretty low right now for Xavier. Maybe that just means it’s time to buy in.” - Chris Novak

3. Butler Bulldogs

(Score: 3.26; Highest Vote: 2; Lowest Vote: 5; Last Week: 3)

“The biggest news of the week for Butler? Blue completed his rehab from his torn ACL and is awaiting clearance to return from his doctor!” - Robert O’Neill

“Butler’s got some big tests lying ahead in the form of Cincy and Indiana. We’ll see what they’re made of after they’re done with them.” - Chris Novak

2. Creighton Bluejays (1)

(Score: 2.21; First-Place Votes: 1; Lowest Vote: 4; Last Week: 2)

“Creighton cares not for MACtion.” - Robert O’Neill

“This Justin Patton fella seems pretty good.” - Chris Novak

1. Villanova Wildcats (18)

(Score: 1.05; First-Place Votes: 18; Lowest Vote: 2; Last Week: 1)

“Villanova has this basketball thing down to a science.” - Robert O’Neill

“Josh Hart had the quietest triple double this week. Possibly ever.” - Chris Novak