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(#7) Villanova vs (#24) Georgetown: Game Preview

In one of the best rivalries the conference has to offer, Villanova will be looking for revenge against Georgetown.

In the first meeting, the unexpected happened. That being unranked Georgetown, beating down Villanova in Washington, DC. Now the Hoyas travel to Philadelphia to face them, which should be a good game. Georgetown has the pieces to beat this team, but it will be a little tougher on the road to beat the Wildcats because the fans at games like this will be wild.

Georgetown, who just lost to Providence, will need to do a lot of things better if they want to sweep the Villanova in conference play. Which is something that would be huge for their resume in terms of placing for the NCAA tournament Georgetown would also get back some of the confidence they lost in losing to Providence. Georgetown has to do a few things if they want to get a win on the road against a very good Villanova team.

Get out to a fast start

Georgetown is generally very good at being quick out of the gates, and, since they are on the road, it will be really be important to get out to a fast start in this game. It will be really important to get Joshua Smith established early and allow him to take advantage of the matchupm because Daniel Ochefu can not guard him because he does not have the size. Georgetown will need to run and just attack the basket because Villnova's set defense is really good especially when they go zone. It will be interesting to see which teams start out fast because it will be sold out with 20,000 people there.

Guard play has to be good

Georgetown's freshmen have to play well, but LJ Peak has to get out and attack because he is one of the keys to the Hoyas transition offense. Also, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera has to help the team and get a lot of transition three's because that is something that Villanova can not stop. He did that last game, and the defense of the Wildcats did not know whether to defend the middle of the paint, or allow that three to keep falling. On defense, expect them to pressure the ball a lot on Ryan Archidianco because he is a good shooter and can beat the zone.

Who will win?

I think Georgetown will pull this out but it will come down to the wire, because it will not be a replica of the first time these two teams met. Villanova has been playing well recently because this is around the time where teams to start to go on those long winning streaks. Georgetown will not lose more than four more games, because they will need to get to 20 wins so they can really feel confident about going into the tournament.