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Dwayne Bacon talks at NBPA Top 100 Camp

Big East Coast Bias' Devonte Brooks had a chance to sit down with Dwayne Bacon, one of the most highly coveted recruits in the land.

Lintao Zhang

Dwayne Bacon, a four-star Class of 2015 recruit out of Lakeland, Florida was at the NBPA Top 100 Camp this week. Bacon, a 6-foot-6 small forward, who recently transferred to the prestigious Oak Hill Academy, is a long and athletic player who showed off his tremendous skills throughout the entirety of the camp. Bacon is one of the top prospects in America, and showed exactly why.

Many people believe he will be able to succeed on the next level because of his ball-handling ability and the ways that he can score in various ways. Bacon can make shots off the dribble and score even when people are guarding him. He has been described as a "freak of nature" thanks to his tremendous athleticism. When he shoots of the dribble, he is mostly on the left side of the court. If you force him to go right however, he might face problems.

One other improvement Bacon will need to make is to add strength. He will be going against players that are much stronger than him in college, so bulking up is priority number one. As previously noted, Bacon is the type of player that can score in traffic and should he get his strength up, he can continue to do that at the next level. His release point off the dribble is kind of low at times, so he also needs to make his jumper much more consistent and keep his release point the same.

Being at the NBPA top 100 Camp means a lot to Bacon. Not only does he feel recognized as one of the best players in the country, he gets to also show off the skills that hold him to that distinction.

"It means a lot being one of the top players," Bacon said. "Not every player gets the experience to be at the camp." Bacon, who did play well at the camp, is learning a lot and one thing that he put an emphasis on is learning how to be a team player.

While at the camp, Bacon felt like he still had to grow as a player. When watching him, he was sharing the ball with his team, and at the same time scoring at a high rate. That is one skill that many scorers have to learn due to the mindset that is present with them of being "score-first."

While the focus this week was on Bacon’s play, it’s hard to forget how good of a spring he had. While with the Showtime Ballers AAU squad, he put up some amazing numbers. He is a special player because you do not see a player on the circuit that can do what he does. His athleticism alone stands out to me when I watch him and the way he finishes at the rim is exceptional.

Dwayne, right now, has several offers from schools in power conferences and one those offers are from Georgetown. The Hoyas will be recruiting him hard, with the knowledge that he resides in the Virginia area. More opportunities than some schools will be givinen to Gerogetown based solely on their relative location. Additionally, the Hoyas will be getting a visit from Bacon soon.

When asked about the relationship with the coaching staff on The Hilltop, Bacon described it to me as a good one.

Many people believe that he will be committing to Florida State, and even though they have been courting him the longest, I have a suspicion that he will not be playing in Tallahassee. Georgetown will be one of the schools in the mix just because he is closer to the area, and will be able to go to more games when he has a chance.

Bacon should continue to get offers as the summer rolls along and while he does not have a timetable for a commitment, I expect him to start to cut his list around August or September.