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Early morning standouts at the NBPA Top 100 camp

Several big-time players are standing out at The University of Virginia right now at the NBPA Top 100.

Lintao Zhang

Charlottesville, Va. --- At the NBPA Top 100 camp, I have been closely watching a few young players that the Georgetown Hoyas are currently targeting. Those players being 2015 recruits Ray Smith and Kenny Williams, as well as 2016 recruit Udoka Azubuike.

Out of the three, Smith has impressed the most so far. The small things that Smith can do are really outstanding. He has a good feel for the game, and he does not force anything on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. While he has not been super flashy, watching him get to the basket and finishing is great enough. One thing I have noticed? The young man likes to call for alley oops often.

One plus for Smith on the defensive end is that he can make an offensive player change his shot and thus force mistakes. His strengths continue as he can really run the floor well also and does some dirty work on both ends too. Smith does need to improve his jump shot, though.

Udoka Azubuike really played well in his first game. A few pluses for him are that he has a big body, is really physical, and can finish well in and around the paint. Azubuike can rebound efficiently as well. The one thing that he should look to improve upon are his free throws because they were not falling for him in his first outing. Some of his shots were short-armed, and he has proven that he does force things a little too much.

When he gets down in the post, he needs to stay calm and go to work. Like Smith, Azubuike possesses a good feel for the game. If he can stop forcing things, he will be a good player to watch for in the future.

Georgetown is recruiting him and has sent an offer his way. While he still has a few things to do to reach his potential, his name is beginning to blow up.

Kenny Williams was really quiet in the first game. I did not see much, but I think he is a good point guard and can get to the basket at a high rate from what I have seen in the past. When it comes to shooting, Williams is more of set-shot jump shooter rather than somebody that can create. I think he will have a good rest of the day, but he needs to get comfortable and I don't think that this is his type of setting.

We will have more updates throughout the day, so be on the lookout.