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Doug McDermott Talks at Boston Celtics Workout

Can the Creighton star be the next Larry Bird?

Cooper Neill

Former Creighton star Doug McDermott, who many people think would be a good fit in the NBA because of his versatility on the floor, worked out with the Boston Celtics on Friday. McDermott has been a player that has seen his stock rise as of late, and for good reason. The three-time All-American has a good offensive and defensive game and was one of the most prodigious scorers in college basketball history.

A couple months ago a source told me that they think McDermott could fit the Celtics, and people have been comparing McDermott to the great Larry Bird. But McDermott believes no one can be Larry Bird, but also thinks it's also an honor.

"It's really not fair. I don't think you can compare anyone to Larry Bird. There's not going to be another one," McDermott told me.

McDermott has a strong skill set, maybe not near the level of Bird's, but the thing is that you can have a skill set that is close to what Bird had when he was playing for the Celtics in the 1980s. The former Creighton Bluejay felt like he was little kid again because he talked about what it was like working out for a team with such great history and former players.

"It's unbelievable. I want to get my phone out and take some pictures. This is a franchise everybody grows up watching," he told Big East Coast Bias.

Should he gets drafted to the Celtics, I think that will be an entertaining team to watch with Doug paired alongside the likes of Rajon Rondo. Expect McDermott do some exceptional things in his rookie season in the NBA.

Credit to Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes for the quotes.