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LIU Brooklyn vs. St. John's: Halftime Notes

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

- LIU put pressure on the Johnnies early, leading to Steve Lavin to call an early time out in the half to wake up a team that look slightly lethargic in the first five minutes of the game. In particular on defense, Lavin needs to get his guard to evenly distribute defensive pressure against LIU's shooters.

- The foul situation has been minimal so far in terms of players who could potentially be in foul trouble,  as both LIU and St. John's have at least two players with one foul. The only one who might have trouble could be Rysheed Jordan who has two at the moment.

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- The announcers for tonight's game have in particular been focusing on LIU's two Icelandic players Martin Hermannsson and Elvar Fridriksson. Both players have been crucial in creating opportunities for the Blackbirds.

- Sir'Dominic Pointer took over the game defensively in the final three minutes of the half as he was able to get to the ball twice off steals and generated points off both fast breaks from the steal

- The leading scorers so far in tonight's game are Nura Zanna with 8 points for LIU and the for the Johnnies, Sir' Dominic Pointer with 10 points

Enjoy the second half!